The University aims to provide an upgrade education, training and research in fields of technical education, and to create entrepreneurship and a conducive environment for pursuit of the technical education in close co-operation with industries. The University aims to make provisions for the advancement of technical education amongst classes and communities.
Different career options and professional opportunities keep on emerging every day. The process of self-exploration helps to build a unique career path. The University develops flexible and innovative academic programmes and procedures that cater to a very broad range of students with different background, and prepares them to compete at the national and international levels.

Courses Offered



Graduates can pursue careers in the communication industry, telecom sector, design and manufacture, research and development, technical management, marketing and large public sector and private undertaking having their captive telecom networks.Electronics, electrical and communication industries are growing rapidly and graduates are often able to select from these. Employers include software firms, device manufacturers, automation industries, telecom specialists, power plants, defence establishments and R&D organisations.
Graduates can choose careers in the environmental industry, National Research Programs on opt electronics and electronics and optical communication industry and education, planning networks and management of networks.Qualified biotechnologists have opportunities in multinational companies, entrepreneurial enterprises, the health service, research industry, academia and dedicated research organisations. Other careers include teaching, scientific writing and information services, and a range of areas where the value of science graduates skills are recognized.