The University provides the individuals the unique opportunity to develop their full potential as business leaders of the twenty first century. The program has been designed to enable students to acquire a firm understanding of the major areas of knowledge and philosophical approaches that underpin general management particularly at strategic level. It allows specialization in particular area of management by selecting one of the clusters of strategic specialist units.

Variety of teaching and assessment methods are used throughout the course including lectures, workshops, seminars, group exercises and projects with the aim of shaping students to become independent learners, equipped with practical skills and competencies. Students will be encouraged to develop presentation and report writing skills through case study based on seminars, projects and assessments.

Career Opportunities

Students graduating can take up careers in any multinational or Indian company. There is virtually no limitation to the choice of placements and this would include Services, Infotech, Hospitality, Consumer Goods, Consultancy, and Engineering, etc. The marketing function encompasses a wide range of career opportunities eg., product/brand management selling & sales management, marketing research, advertising etc. In addition, the general business subjects studied in the early part of the course will enable graduates to pursue in related business functions.

The Human Resource function encompasses a wide range of career opportunities and graduates of the course will be in a good position to undertake careers in areas such as human resource management and personnel, training and employee relations.