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Department of Agricultural Extension

Department of Agricultural Extension

The Indian agriculture is at the crossroads today. Its strength to alleviate poverty and hunger is well recognized, yet, the agricultural growth rate in the past 20 years has been visibly less impressive and the productivity in the agricultural sector continues to be low compared to the international standards. While investments in research and extension have increased in recent years, their impact  on small holder farmers’ livelihoods remains debatable. Even when these investments may address relevant problems of the farmers, the benefits of improved technologies will not fully accrue to the farmers. The yield gap between research stations and farmers’ field remains high.


The Division is currently involved in searching villages and farmers to conduct READY programme and also some minute research on farmers field.


  • All the scientists of the division are regularly attending village visit programme interacting with farmers on problems
  • Students were taken to farmer field for better field exposure
  • The division regularly arranging different visits to Krishimela, Exhibitions and RSKs for students benefit.
  • Involved in extension activities relating to field functionaries and given audio/visual e-content based lecture program through Consortium for Educational Communication-UGC.
  • National Service Scheme (NSS) was also arranged at Mallohalli villages
  • Students are taken to the different villages section wise, villages are Madurai, Adonahalli, Kadanur, Kanaswadi, Muppighatta and so on. In the village students visited the Panchayat Raj Institutions to study the functioning of gram panchyat.

Future Thrust Areas

  • Assessment refinement and demonstration of technology / products
  • Training of farmers
  • Single window delivery system of technology products, diagnostic service and information through Agricultural Technology Information Centers.

ICT in Agriculture and media management

At present extension worker to farmer ratio is 600:1 hence,for translating research results into tangible gains at farm level, well-functioning agricultural extension and advisory services are required.

It is argued that since agriculture is one of the movers of development, (Bembridge, 1990), agricultural extension is considered as a special branch of rural development dealing with several economic and social aspects of farming.

The Division of Extension, a constituent of Rai Technology University, SASF of Karnataka was established with the specific objectives of providing technical backstopping to students including  farmers for effective technology integration and  application at micro level situation. Committed to develop human resource which would bind the gap between research and adoption by farmers.

The Department has published research papers in reputed journals.


About Us

The major activities of Agricultural Extension Division are assessment, refinement and demonstration of technology/products through a network of Raitha Samparka Kendra(RSK). Location specific technologies are transferred to over all upliftment of socio-economic conditions of farmers. The Division has got one UG laboratory with multimedia facility which is important to develop skills to handle. The Division also converged with all other departments to imparts need based technologies to farmers of Dodaballapur region.


  • Imparting quality education and furthering the advancement of learning in frontier areas of social science and related branches, for ushering in an era of total quality management.
  • To make students acquaint with farmers grass root felt and unfelt needs
  • To develop leadership qualities among students
  • To develop human resources
  • To create an environment for students and rural people so that they can show their talent, leadership, efficiency, independent in thinking and self reliant in character.




Course no. Course Title Credit Hrs.
AEX 101 Fundamental Of Agricultural Extension Education 2+1
AEX 201 Rural sociology and educational psychology 2+0
AEX301 Communication and extension methodology for transfer of technology 1+1
AEX 302 Entrepreneurship and agri business management 2+0