“Every day, Everyone is affected by Agronomy. The food you eat, the coffee you drink, the ethanol-based gas in your car, the grass on the golf course, the natural fibers of the clothing you wear—all are products of Agronomy and the work of Agronomists”

The term Agronomy is derived from Greek words “AGROS” meaning field & “NOMOS” meaning to manage. Agronomy is branch of agricultural science which deals with principles & practices of soil, water & crop management. It also deals with methods which provide favorable environment to the crop for higher productively.

Agronomists are technocrat who works as plant and soil scientists who develop innovative farm practices and technologies that not only boost crop production but also controls pests & weeds and protect the environment. Agronomists are also professional practitioners, educators, and advisers who work directly with farmers, companies and other organizations related to field of agronomy to implement the latest technologies and tools for growing crops profitably and sustainably.

Courses offerd in Department

Fundamentals of Agronomy 4(3+1)
Introductory Agro-meteorology & Climate Change 2(1+1)
Crop Production Technology – I (Kharif crops) 2(1+1)
Crop Production Technology – II (Rabi crops) 2(1+1)
Farming System & Sustainable Agriculture 1(1+0)
Practical Crop Production – I (Kharif crops) 2(0+2)
Practical Crop Production – II (Rabi crops) 2(0+2)
Principles of Organic Farming 2(1+1)
Geoinformatics and Nanotechnology for Precision Farming 2(1+1)
Rainfed Agriculture & Watershed Management 2(1+1)

These courses help students to become better agronomist, prograssive farmer and entrepreneur. The knowledge of agronomy helps for guiding and educating the farmers to get higher crop productivity through scientific farming.

Department of Agronomy, SASF

Rai Technology University, Doddabalapur

Bengaluru Rural Dist-561204