Mallohalli, Dodaballabur, Bangalore: Rural Dt


Department of Livestock and Poultry Production Management

The university has three qualified veterinarians working to teach the B.Sc Agriculture students in the university and also for the benefit of farming community.

We have established a model cow shed, sheep and goat unit,  poultry unit has been setup for practical purpose to impart basic veterinary knowledge to students

Since, the animals are backbone to the farming community which not only provide employment but also gives them additional income as well as to serve the farmers surrounding villages in upkeep of their livestock with latest technical knowhow

  1. Rai Technology University is imparting B.Sc in Agricultural science of four years duration
  2. For second year students live stock poultry production management course is mandatory. They will be enlightened in the management, disease control and economics of animals which are productive
  3. At present we have housed Hallikar, Amirthmahal, Gir and Shaiwal desi cows, Bannur sheep, Beetle goats and Giriraja birds as a model units for the students for practical purpose and demonstration,

Course offered

ASC 201 Livestock, poultry production management (2+1)

This course deals with the management of livestock disease, management, housing, health and economics






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