Basic sciences is the department which teach Science and Humanities with an commitment to ensure the attainment of strong foundation in basic science (Mathematics, statistics and computer sciences) with a good  English language command


To train the youth to be the leaders of tomorrow with apt skills, deep rooted sense of social responsibility, strong ethical values and with a global outlook to face the challenges of changing world.

Genesis of the Department:


The Division of Basic sciences, a constituent of Rai technology university, SASF of Karnataka was established with the specific objectives of evolving to create basic knowledge and educate the students in field of spoken English, computer sciences ,mathematics and statistics and to train up the agricultural students to face new technologies in competitetive world.


About the Department:

Our department aims to impart knowledge to the youth buds to bloom with efficiency and capability. In order to provide a sound knowledge of fundamentals in basic sciences, the department is equipped with teaching aids and well established computer lab. The staff members, in addition to their regular teaching work are actively and enthusiastically engaged in publishing research papers in national and international journals, presenting paper in conferences and updating their knowledge by attending conferences, short-term and long-term training programmers with great zeal and interest.


  • Basic Science can be excellent preparation for a writing career in science, technology, or natural history.
  • The basic Science curriculum enables students to develop skills that relate to a wider variety of topics, ideas, and experiences.
  • The program is multi-disciplinary and quite flexible; so that it can design his/her academic program to meet specific goals.

Educational Outcomes:

Graduates of the program are expected to demonstrate:

  • A strong ability to apply knowledge in the sciences, the humanities & social sciences, the arts, and political sciences to explore and understand science issues.
  • An aptitude for designing, conducting, and communicating the results of literature-based research on science topics.
  • Well-developed skills in analysis and research acquired through courses, lab work, internship, undergraduate research, and/or study-abroad experiences.
  • Skill at working productively as individuals and in cross-disciplinary teams.
  • Skill at effectively communicating science concepts and issues to diverse audiences.
  • A comprehensive understanding of major science issues facing global society today.
  • An ability to understand and use selected techniques and analytical/survey tools in the practice of science.
  • Courses offered by the Department: 
    Course no. Course Title Credit Hrs.
    CSC 101 Introduction to computer and Applications 1+1
    ENG 101 Comprehension and communicative English 1+1
    AST 101 Agricultural statistics 1+1