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Agent Of Change – Kittu, Alumni Urait, Bsc Agriculture

Pursuing agriculture to make a difference. Yes! Meet G Narasimha Murali Krishna, also known as Kittu. A successful BSc Agriculture student from URAIT, Bangalore. He loves the excitement of being in the middle of farm lands. The greenery all round excites him, he says.

Kittu’s proclivity has also led to a career dedicated to agriculture and helping the famers learn modern farming.

“Helping the farmers with latest techniques, educating them about how to better manage their produce, teaching them the benefits of organic pesticides are more rewarding than doing a monotonous job,” he says. “The more I interact with farmers, the more I learn to respect them and the food that’s put on my plate every day. Agriculture is all about patience and continuous efforts. It needs a different kind of commitment because it involves nurturing.”

This penchant for pursuing agriculture was developed in the campus of URAIT. At the University, he diligently learnt his lessons in the labs and in the fields.

Today, Kittu works as a Field Officer with Ninja Cart. On a daily basis, his work is interactive – where he provides updated agri technologies to farmers and also learns a lot from them.“A lot still needs to be done to educate the farmers. I was surprised to find out that they still rely on age old techniques in some cases. And when they do use fertilizers or pesticides, the proportions are uneven,” he says.

“Communicating with the farmers regularly has helped in changing their mindset towards the correct use of pesticides or for that matter any other technique,” he says. “To be able to change the life of even one farmer is more rewarding than any other career I could have ever thought of.”

Kittu’s efforts are well acknowledged by the farmers and his employers. With every passing day, his resolve to be in this sector and contribute meaningfully is becoming stronger. Kittu hails from Chagalamarri city, Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh. After completing his study at school, he decided to pursue BSc Agriculture at URAIT. For him it was a conscious decision. According to him, “URAIT is the only private University offering BSc Agriculture course.”

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