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Bhubaneswar To Bangalore – The Story Of Sneha Rout, Rtu Student

In a world dominated by digital devices, the journey to become an expert in agriculture sector is neither smooth nor straight. But Sneha Rout, who grew up in Bhubaneswar, Odisha is pursuing her dream to be in this sector. She is armed with her mother’s belief that only the younger generation of today can reverse the process of climate change and bring back the tradition of sustainable farming.

Sneha is a BSc Agriculture student of Rai Technology University, Bangalore (RTU). At RTU campus, every day she gets to dive deep into the science behind organic and sustainable farming; crop management, effects of manure on plant growth and how every process of farming impacts our food chain.

‘Agriculture is the most promising industry now, more than ever,’ she asserts.

What made Sneha commit to a future in agriculture is her love for nature and the unhealthy eating habits of youngsters today. She feels that even if someone wants to develop the habit of eating green vegetables and fruits, the amount of pesticides and fertilizers used these days makes it unhealthy. This finally enters our food chain and affects our health negatively.

Sneha wants to use her knowledge of agriculture in solving problems for farmers. Over the course of her career, she wants to disseminate the knowledge of sustainable agriculture and encourage organic farming. ‘Look at the number of youth exodus from our villages. Gradually, the number of people engaged in the farm sector is dwindling. If everyone works in the cities, who will grow our food?’ she asks.

Across the world, the vegan movement, the importance of organic farming, the need for farm-to-table food, healthy eating habits, global warming and India’s heavy dependence on food imports has made a career in agriculture lucrative.

As a child Sneha didn’t just play in the garden. She would be plant seeds in her kitchen garden, nurture them and watch them grow. It’s no wonder she is pursuing a career in agriculture.

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