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Committing To Agriculture Education – URAIT

The University of Research Applied Innovation Technology (URAIT) opened its doors in 2013. Since then it has graduated more than 10,000 students. Today, URAIT’s reach extends beyond campus borders.

Our students, faculty, staff and alumni exchange ideas, make advancements in the field of agriculture and unlock the secrets of modern farming every day through hands on practices. They engage with their local governments, protect the environment and push the boundaries of innovation in agriculture.

URAIT attracts students from all backgrounds, ethnicities and incomes. Students of URAIT are the best and brightest. Coming from states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar and North East, they all work hard to make it to college. In fact, over 50 percent of RTU students come from out of Bangalore city.

URAIT’s faculty are not just teachers. They are mentors. Some of the faculties come with corporate background. They bring their experience, that knowledge, that greatness, directly to the classroom.

Soon, innovations in agriculture and farming can be traced back to URAIT. Our students and alumni go out to work in leading companies, start-ups and also proudly go back to pursuing farming/agriculture.

Besides up-to-the-mark classrooms and labs, URAIT has immense land where students learn to innovate by applying their agriculture knowledge. The hostel at URAIT is an exciting gathering place for students who interact beyond classroom hours to form study groups.

URAIT’s students are focussed on delivering science-based solutions to the farm sector.

We understand that healthy agriculture practices and food systems are fundamental to our quality of life. Our commitment is to strengthen agriculture practices by advancing knowledge of the science of sustainability, develop more sustainable agricultural practices, and assist students/younger generations in building strong and healthy food systems in their region through dissemination of knowledge.

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