Dr. Harbeen Arora, Chancellor

Rai Technology University (RTU)— with over 100’s of undergraduate, post graduate and diploma programs— is definitely a place where you will find a course that will fulfill your educational needs and meet your career aspirations.
Our objective is to serve our students, our communities and our creative education. Academic programs at RTU are of great value and relevance to the needs of our fellow citizens. Our mission is to provide every one of our students with an opportunity to obtain recognized and industry relevant degrees in varied and diverse fields. Rai Technology University will give special emphasis on utilizing the rich and abundant bio-diversity of Karnataka in its vast base of agriculture, water bodies, forestry, marine and wildlife with special emphasis in its productivity, management and planning.
At RTU, our focus is on nurturing creative individuals who can keep pace with changing needs of the students with a world- class learning environment and ample exposure to new challenges. We also encourage our students to experiment with ideas and involve them in various activities so that, tomorrow they can become thinking individuals who make a difference in their life and in the society at large.
To us, technology means that which enables better use of recourses to invent new objects; innovate new ways of achieving efficiency in processes; and create far-reaching impact. Creativity and technology go hand-in-hand – they foster one another. Technology then is not just domain of the “Sciences,” and it is not just applicable to “engineers.” At RTU, technology is a tool for every creative thinker in any field of study and work. Our motto is ‘engineering minds’, which means that we believe in the power of a shaped, chiseled and structured mind. For us, an engineered mind leads to application of mind in all situations of life.
There is also widespread perception that technologists and engineers are introverts who do not like to open up or hesitate in communicating with others. With our signature program, Life Skills for Life, all you future technocrats are going to burst this myth. It is equally a myth that those with artistic bent of mind cannot think in structural and scientific terms. World over, there is increasing evidence that shows right brain and left brain thinking— creative and scientific approaches—need to be in holistic balance and blend for optimal innovative thinking. Here, those with an artistic temperament will find an environment of experimentation and invention which will provide a strong underpinning to their imagination.

Come here, join this vibrant community and become more than just a professional—creative and ever evolving human being.