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Graduate Programs In Agriculture Science

The curricula covers various subjects such as Basic Sciences and Humanities, Agronomy, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Entomology, Agricultural Microbiology, Animal Sciences, Biotechnology, Crop Physiology, Food Science and Nutrition, Forestry and Environmental sciences, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Horticulture, Value addition to Horticulture Crops, Plant Pathology, Seed Science and Technology, Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension and other allied subjects. Besides, External Learning/ Hands on Training, RAWE- Rural Agricultural Work Experience along with non-credit courses like NSS, NCC and Educational Tour are offered.

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture – B.Sc. (Ag)

  • 1st Year : Agronomy, agri-microbiology, plant biochemistry, plant pathology, forestry, food science and nutrition, soil science, entomology, computer applications and communication skills.
    Water management and micro irrigation, weed management, rural sociology, psychology & Indian constitution, horticulture and production technology of fruit crops, applied microbiology, agricultural and resource economics, genetics and environmental science.
  • 2nd Year : Field crops-I (cereals, pulses and forage crops), practical crop production-I, farm management and production economics, surveying and soil-water conservation engineering, insect ecology and pest management, livestock- poultry-fish production & management, plant disease management, soil chemistry and production technology of vegetable crops.
    Field crops-II (oil seeds, fibre, commercial and bio-fuel crops), practical crop production-II, farm machinery and power, renewable energy, sericulture and apiculture, extension education and rural development, plant biotechnology, crop physiology, plant breeding, production technology of ornamental crops and landscape gardening.
  • 3rd Year : Agricultural meteorology-rainfed agriculture and water management, agricultural finance and co-operation, communication & extension methodologies for technology transfer, breeding of field crops, production technology of plantation- spice-medicinal and aromatic crops, diseases of field crops and management, seed science and technology, manures-fertilizers and agrochemicals.
    Experimental techniques, farming systems-organic farming and precision agriculture, agricultural marketing-business management and trade, post harvest management and value addition of horticultural crops, diseases of horticultural crops and management, soil fertility and nutrient management.
  • 4th Year : Rural Agricultural Work Experience- RAWE Experiential learning/ Hands on training

B.Tech in Agricultural Biotechnology

  • 1st Year : Basics in biology, Production of agricultural crops, Fundamentals of Microbiology, Fundamentals of Information technology, Applied mathematics, Principles of analytical chemistry, Breeding techniques and field crops, Introduction to agricultural botany, English for effective communication, NSS / NCC physical education Chemistry of nucleic acids & proteins, Basic molecular biology, Instrumentation In biotechnology, Introduction to Bioinformatics, Fundamentals of Biochemistry, Biophysics, Crop Physiology, Principles of genetics
  • 2ndYear : Fundamentals of organic chemistry, Plant cell & tissue culture, Enzymology, Biological databases, microbial genetics, Process engineering in biotechnology, Production technology of horticultural crops, Fundamentals of entomology & pest management, Breeding techniques for pereunial fruit trees and plantation crops, Industrial Microbiology, Introductory nematology.
    Introduction to genetic engineering, Intermediary metabolism, Principles of seed technology, Fundamentals of plant pathology & disease management, Forest resource management, Introduction to agri-business management, Animal physiology, Applied statistics.
  • 3rdYear : Bio-prospecting, biotechnology for biotic stress management, Molecular markers & genome mapping, plant genetic transformation, applied cell biology, immunology, fermentation technology, principles & methods of plant breeding, fundamentals & applications of Nanotechnology.
    Biotechnology for abiotic stress management in crops, Biopharmaceutical technology, Genetic diversity analysis, Food biotechnology, Animal biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Soft skills for employability, Experiential Learning – I
  • 4thYear : Biotechnology work experience (BWE), Project work, Industrial & institutional educational tour.
    Molecular Farming, Molecular virology, Genomics & Proteomics, Molecular Ecology & evolution, Bio-safety & Bioethics, Intellectual property & its application in Biotechnology, Development education for Non-Kannada students. Experiential Learning – II.

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