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Post-Graduate Programs In Agriculture Science

The Post Graduation Program offers two year full time course with four semesters. The specializations for teaching, research and extension have been varied, catering to the developmental needs of agricultural aspects. Master’s degree in agriculture covers 21 disciplines each having 63 credit hours. Apart from attending the course work of 40 credit hours the Master’s degree students also carry out research work and prepare dissertation of 20 credit hours, which is an integral part of the Master’s program.

M.Sc. (Ag) in Agricultural Extension

  • 1st Year :Development perspectives of extension education, development communication & information management, diffusion & adaption of innovations, research methods in behavioral science, E-extension, entrepreneurship development & management in extension, human resource development, visual communication.
  • 2ndYear :Participatory methods for technology development & transfer, gender sensitization for development, perspectives of distance education, market led extension, extension management, advances in rural sociology, principles of test construction, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Sc. (Ag) in Agricultural Economics

  • 1st Year :Micro economic theory & applications, Macro-economic policy analysis, Institutional economics & evolution of economic thought, agricultural production economics, agricultural marketing & price analysis, research methodology for soil sciences, econometrics, optimization techniques.
  • 2nd Year :Agricultural finance & project management, natural resource & environmental economics, international economics, agriculture policy analysis, intellectual property management, commodity future training, Mathematical economics, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Sc. (Ag) in Agricultural Marketing & Cooperation

  • 1st Year :Marketing management & strategy, techniques in market research, agricultural marketing & price analysis, agricultural trade policy, agricultural finance & product management, agricultural business management, econometrics.
  • 2nd Year :Management of cooperatives, international business, agricultural & food marketing, gardening & quality control in agriculture & food industry, optimization techniques, commodity future training, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Sc. (Ag) in Agricultural Microbiology

  • 1stYear :Principles of microbiology, microbial taxonomy, cytology & morphology of microorganisms, soil microbiology & biochemistry, microbiological techniques, microbial physiology & metabolism, microbial genetics, microbial biotechnology.
  • 2ndYear:Food & dairy microbiology, environmental microbiology, industrial microbiology, bio-fertilizer technology, autotrophic microorganisms, insect microbiology, bacteriophages, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Sc. (Ag) in Agricultural Statistics

  • 1stYear :Statistical methods for applied sciences, experimental designs, sampling techniques, applied regression analysis, data analysis using statistical packages, probability theory, statistical methods, statistical inference, multivariate analysis, design of experiments, sampling techniques, statistical genetics, regression analysis, statistical computing, time series analysis, actuarial statistics, bioinformatics, econometrics, statistical quality control, optimization techniques, demography, statistical sciences for life sciences
  • 2ndYear:Statistical ecology, non parametric methods, qualifying examination, Seminar & research, mathematical methods for applied sciences, mathematical methods – I, mathematical methods –II, data warehousing, data mining, introduction to networking & internet allocations, object oriented analysis & design, data structure algorithms, data base management, web technology & applications, introduction to computer graphics, GIS & remote sensing techniques, bioinformatics computing.

M.Sc. (Ag) in Agronomy

  • 1stYear :Modern concepts in crop production, principles & practices in soil management & weed management & water management, agro meteorology & crop weather forecasting, agronomy of major cereal & pulses, agronomy of oil seeds, fiber & sugar crops, agronomy of medicinal & aromatic & underutilized crops.
  • 2ndYear:Agronomy of fodder & forage crops, dry land farming, cropping systems, principles & practices or organic farming, research techniques in agronomy, crop growth & yield analysis, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Sc. (Ag) in Apiculture

  • 1stYear :Bee morphology & anatomy, biology of honey bees, bee physiology, bee ecology & behavior, bee toxicology, bee keeping & its management, honey & nee products, bee pollination & crop production, bee pests & diseases.
  • 2ndYear:Non – apis pollinators, history, development & techniques of bee keeping, classification & systematic of bees, genetics & breeding of honey bees, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Sc. (Ag) in Agricultural Entomology

  • 1stYear :Insect morphology, insect anatomy, physiology & nutrition, principles of taxonomy, classification of insects, insect ecology, insect pathology, biological control of crop, pests & weeds, toxicology of insecticides, plant resistance to insects, principles if integrated pest management, pests of field crops, pest of horticultural & plantation crops.
  • 2ndYear:Storage entomology, insect vectors of plant, viruses & other pathogens, general acarology, soil arthropods & their management, vertebrate pest management, techniques in plant protection, commercial entomology, plant quarantine, forest entomology, vermiculture & vermin- composting, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Sc. (Ag) in Crop Physiology

  • 1stYear :Principles of plant physiology -1, cell organelles, water relations & mineral nutrient, principles of plant physiology-2, metabolic processes & growth regulation, plant development biology, physiological & molecular basis, physiological & molecular responses of plant to abiotic stresses, hormonal regulation of plant growth & development, physiology of growth, yield & modeling, genome organization in higher plants, morphogenesis tissue culture & transformation.
  • 2ndYear :Physiology of crop plants – specific case studies, physiological & molecular aspects of photosynthesis – carbon & nitrogen assimilation, physiology of plant nutrition, experimental techniques in plant physiology, physiology of woody plants, physiology of seed growth & development, herbicide physiology, post harvest physiology of fruits & vegetables, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Sc. (Ag) in Environmental Science

  • 1stYear :Concepts environmental sciences, biodiversity and conservation, ecology and environment, natural resource & environmental economics, remote sensing and GIS application in biodiversity conservation , solid waste management, Principles of environmental impact assessment, environmental analytical techniques, environmental pollution, environmental policy, law and international conventions, global climate change and environment.
  • 2ndYear :Management of degraded ecosystem, biological resources- assessment and utilization, environmental biotechnology, structural functional anatomy of plants, plant taxonomy, reproductive biology and ecology, plant tissue &organ culture, histo-chemical techniques, Botany of bee flora & palynology, Floral biology &ecology, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Sc. (Ag) in Food Science & Nutrition

  • 1stYear :Principles of food science, principles of nutrition, food analysis, principles of community nutrition, food processing technology, clinical nutrition, nutrition during life cycle, nutrition & Physical fitness.
  • 2ndYear :principles of diet therapy, food toxicology, principles of human physiology, food service management, food product development, nutrition & immunity, functional foods, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Sc in Forestry – Plantation & Technology

  • 1stYear :Silviculture, forest biometry, forest management, forest products – chemistry & industry, forest ecology & biodiversity conservation, natural resource & environmental economics, forest production, forest policy & laws & international conventions, tree improvement, computer application & information technology.
  • 2ndYear :Remote sensing & geographic information system, general statistical methods & research methodology, seed collection, storage & testing, modern nursery technology, nutrient weed management in nursery & plantation, management of insect – pest & diseases, energy plantations & bio-fuels, plantation forestry, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Sc. (Ag) in Genetics & Plant Breeding

  • 1stYear :Principles of genetics, principle of cytogenetic, principles of plant breeding, principles of quantitative genetics, mutagenesis & mutation breeding, breeding for biotic & abiotic stress resistance, heterosis breeding, cell biology & molecular genetics, biotechnology for crop improvement, population genetics, breeding cereals, forages & sugar cane, breeding legumes, oil seeds & fibre crops.
  • 2ndYear :Breeding for quality traits, maintenance breeding & concepts of variety release & seed production, germplasm collection, exchange & quarantine, plant genetic resource utilization, plant variety protection & bio-safety in management of transgenesis, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Sc. (Ag) in Plant Biochemistry

  • 1stYear :Basic biochemistry, intermediary metabolism, enzymology, molecular biology, biochemical techniques, immune chemistry.
  • 2ndYear :Plant biochemistry, food & nutritional biochemistry, carbon & nitrogen metabolism, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Sc. (Ag) in Plant Biotechnology

  • 1stYear :Principles of biotechnology, fundamental of molecular biology, molecular cell biology, plant tissue culture & genetic transformation, techniques in molecular biology – 1, microbial / industrial biotechnology, molecular breeding, genomics & proteomics, techniques in molecular biology –II
  • 2ndYear :Bio-safety, IPR & bioethics, animal biotechnology, immunology & molecular diagnostics, Nano-biotechnology, principles of genetics, basic biochemistry, biostatistics & computers, principles of microbiology, introduction to bio- informatics, environmental biotechnology, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Sc. (Ag) in Plant Pathology

  • 1stYear :Mycology, plant virology, plant bacteriology, principles of plant pathology, chemicals in plant disease management, epidemiology & forecasting of plant disease, detection & diagnosis of plant diseases, principles of plant diseases management, diseases of field & medicinal crops, diseases of fruits, plantation & ornamental crops, disease of vegetables & spice crops.
  • 2ndYear :Seed health technology, ecology of soil borne plant pathogens, disease resistance in plants, insect vectors of plant viruses & other pathogens, biological control of plant disease, integrated disease management, post harvest diseases, plant quarantine, nematode ecology & management, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Tech in Processing & Food Engineering

  • 1stYear :Transport phenomena in food processing, engineering properties of food materials, advanced food process engineering, Unit operations in food process engineering, processing of cereals & pulses & oil seeds, food processing equipment & plant design, fruits & vegetable process engineering.
  • 2ndYear :Storage engineering, packaging & handling of agriculture products, industry / institute training, neural network & its applications, applied instrumentation, mechanism analysis & synthesis, application of solar energy in agriculture, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Tech in Soil & Water Engineering

  • 1stYear :Watershed hydrology, design of farm irrigation systems, agriculture drainage systems, ground water engineering, soil & water conservation engineering, GIS & remote sensing for land & water resource management, water shed management & modeling.
  • 2ndYear :Land development & earth moving machinery, industry / institute training, water quality & pollution control, similitude in engineering, control of pollution from solid waste, design of bins & soils, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Sc. (Ag) in Seed Science & Technology

  • 1stYear :Floral biology, seed development & maturation, principles of seed production, seed production in field crops, seed production in flowers, medicinal, fruits & plantation crops, seed legislation & certification, seed processing & storage, seed quality testing, seed physiology.
  • 2ndYear :Pathology & entomology, seed production in forage, pasture & green manure crops, emerging trends in seed quality management, database management, evaluation & utilization of PGR, germplasm collection, exchange & quarantine, qualifying examination, Seminar & research

M.Sc. (Ag) in Sericulture

  • 1stYear :Mulberry production & protection, breeding of food plants & silk worms, silk worm egg & cocoon production, silk worm protection, genetics & breeding of silk worms, non mulberry sericulture, silk technology, silk worm biochemistry & nutrition, entrepreneurship & value addition in sericulture.
  • 2ndYear :Biotechnology in mulberry & silkworm, systematic & morphology of sericigenous insects, Anatomy & physiology of sericigenous insects, Nutrition of host plants of silkworms, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

M.Sc. (Ag) in Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry

  • 1stYear :Analytical techniques in soil & plant analysis, soil mineralogy, genetics, surveying & classification, soil physics, soil chemistry, Soil microbiology & bio-chemistry, soil fertility & nutrient management.
  • 2ndYear :Management of problematic soils & waters, Soil testing & fertilizers recommendation manures & fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, soil erosion & conservation, qualifying examination, Seminar & research.

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