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Department Of Agricultural Sciences And Forestry

The School of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry offers a number of courses in Diploma programs, Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate and Doctor of Philosophy program with various specializations under the discipline of Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Technology and Agricultural Management. The courses attempt to catalyze the students in their endeavor towards the holistic learning by subscribing to a rigorous academic curriculum, robust mentoring system and qualitatively admirable hands on experience learning. The faculty team consists of members from both the academia and industry which promotes globalised corporate citizen.

Diploma Program In Agricultural Sciences And Forestry

Diploma program is a two year course where the curriculum designed is purely job oriented. The students apart from learning the academic course content they emerge out as farm & laboratory technicians with hands on experience in latest technology & implementation.

Graduate Programs In Agriculture Science

The curricula covers various subjects such as Basic Sciences and Humanities, Agronomy, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Entomology, Agricultural Microbiology, Animal Sciences, Biotechnology, Crop Physiology, Food Science and Nutrition,

Post-Graduate Programs In Agriculture Science

The Post Graduation Program offers two year full time course with four semesters. The specializations for teaching, research and extension have been varied, catering to the developmental needs of agricultural aspects.


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