Entomology the science of insects has vast potential for food safety and security of the humanity. The human population is growing disproportionately to available resources with the danger of impending food crisis in near future. Pests and diseases take a heavy toll on our production. This crisis has further deepened from the widespread reliance on chemicals to control insect-pests. The Division of Entomology strives to search for alternative approaches to pest management that while maintaining the ecological balance of the environment will aid in the production of adequate food thus permitting the unfettered activity of pollinators and other beneficial organisms. Entomology offers a wide range of career opportunities from entrepreneurship (Apiculture and sericulture) to medical health, agrochemical industries, food processing units (warehouses and food corporations), mass production of bio control agents, seed agencies, plant protection equipments, remote sensing, forensic sciences, urban pest management and plant protection advisory services. The Division of Entomology, a constituent of Rai technology university, SASF of Karnataka was established with the specific objectives of evolving IPM strategies for major pests of cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, oilseeds, estimation of pesticide residues and developing management practices for crop pests. The Division offers undergraduate programmes to generate quality human resource. The Division has well equipped research laboratories of Economic Entomology, Biological Control, Toxicology and systematics. The Division has published research papers in reputed journals.

About Us

The Division is actively engaged in evolving strategies for management of pests of various crops and developing location specific modules for management of insect pests in different crops. Local isolates of various bio control agents are being identified for their utilization as potential biocontrol agents to minimize pesticide pressure. Research on productive insects like honeybees, silkworms and vermicompost finds due emphasis for developing entrepreneurship among farmers for improving their socioeconomic conditions and livelihood security. The Division has got two UG laboratory and an Insect Museum which cater to the needs of students for conducting practical and imparting identification skills for the respective programmes. The Division also undertakes extension activities in collaboration with the Extension department and imparts need based IPM stratagies to farmers of Dodaballapur region. To further strengthen the research on entomological aspects, well equipped research laboratories on Economic Entomology, Integrated Pest Management, Biological Control, Toxicology and Pesticide Residues, sericulture and apiculture are available.