Learning while traveling: Education Tour

RTU Students inside Tajmahal Complex

An educational tour is carefully planned with specific learning objectives to maximize your travel experience. The primary principle of educational tours is to travel for the sake of education. They are included in planned site visits and field trips. This provides for a fun-filled environment in which students learn and grow. The educational travel might be theme-specific, with a concentration on the arts, languages, sciences, history, and other subjects. No book can teach history as well as a stroll through those important sites. No book will pique your interest in a language the way that connecting with native speakers and practicing that language would. A study tour is more than just a holiday. It’s a learning and success tool with an element of fun and excitement built-in. Students engage themselves and become lifelong, self-directed learners by treading in the footsteps of emperors, experiencing the art that inspired a nation, and speaking a foreign language to converse.

Adapting and Learning New Skills

Finding yourself in a new place usually means encountering new situations, which provide an excellent opportunity to hone existing life skills and acquire new ones. While taking time off to travel was originally considered an indulgence and a gap on your CV, the numerous soft skills that you gain are now recognized as actual benefits of this experience.

RTU Students at Rohtang Pass, Manali

Language Skills

The importance of language is perhaps the most evident lesson learned through travel. After all, moving to a new nation and culture provides an excellent opportunity to learn a new language. Even learning the basics of the local language can help you get around and meet new acquaintances. Attempting to overcome the language barrier teaches you the value of nonverbal communication. You learn to tune into people’s tones and body language because you can’t rely on what they say. This improves your communication skills even when speaking in your own language.

Meeting New People

Meeting new people and establishing new friends is both a need and one of the most pleasurable aspects of traveling. Traveling to different cultures is a terrific opportunity to broaden your social circle and meet people you would never have met otherwise. You may meet people from many walks of life, find a kindred spirit, or both at the same time.