The University aims to provide education, training and research in fields of technical education, and to create entrepreneurship and a conducive environment for pursuit of technical education in close co-operation with industries.

  Engineering Programs:
B.Tech (Electronics & Telecommunication Engg.)
B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
B.Tech (Civil Engineering)
B.Tech (Information Technology)
B.Tech (Computer Science ec Engineering)
B.Tech (Biotechnology)
M.Tech (Software Engineering)
M.Tech {Computer Science)
M.Tech (Electronics)

Science Programs:
B.Sc (Biotechnology)
B.Sc (Microbiology)
B.Sc (Computer Science)
B.Sc-( Biochemistry)
M.Sc (Microbiology)
M.Sc (Bioinformatics)
M.Sc (Biotechnology)
M.Sc (Computer Science)
M.Sc (Information Technology)

Diploma Programs:
Diploma in Electrical Engineering
Diploma in Electronic Engineering
Diploma in Civil Engineering
Diploma in Biotechnology
Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Diploma in Lab Technology

PG Diploma:
PGD (Bioinformatics)
PGD (Biotechnology)