The Vice Chancellor,
Dr. Rupa Vasudevan


Dear Student,

I extend a hearty welcome to you and invite you to explore the ways in which Rai Technology University, Doddaballapur, Bangalore, can help you in realizing your dreams and aspirations through our global educational programs.

Rai Technology University hopes to inculcate a distinct individuality in students to lead and galvanize the process of change and transformation in the 21st Century.At Rai Technology University (RTU), the idea of success would be beyond grades and high scores but help students to discover their various facets and attain true potential. Special emphasis will be laid on academics & cocurricular activities on honing the students’ leadership skills and entrepreneurial ¬†apabilities with a concerted approach to solving complex business issues. Several Vocational & Add-on programs conducted at RTU will further enhance your zeal to stand up neck above others with the quest of additional knowledge in your domain.

In effect, our students with their experience at RTU can expect to conquer the challenges in life and to compete successfully on a global platform. Their horizons would broaden and be able to discover the liberating power of new ideas and insights. It is our firm belief that value based learning at RTU has far greater relevance in a dynamic and ever-changing work environment. We ensure this, through an easy accessibility to faculty guidance & support, a caring & nurturing academic milieu. Rai Technology University propagates the culture of openness, mutual trust and faith set within the backdrop of its mission to demonstrate an unconditional commitment to learning.

The University campus gives you access to an on-campus living and learning environment that features IT-enabled classrooms & lecture theatres, well furnished laboratories & library, cafeteria, Research Centre, comfortable lounges and separate hostels for boys & girls. Our object & mission is to provide maximum opportunities for your success by ensuring that RTU graduates are prepared and marketable to the world of business and industry to ensure continued personal and financial growth.

We look forward to welcoming you to the RTU family/community and to your participation and involvement in an enriching campus life. Together, we can further enhance Rai Technology University’s reputation and ensure its standing in the global community.

Dr. Rupa Vasudevan

Vice Chancellor