Industry Institute (i-Square) Interface

Institute-Industry or ouri-Square Interface we define as interactive and collaborative arrangement between academic institutions and business corporations for the achievement of certain mutually inclusive goals and objectives. Industry rather than just being the customers of Universities/Educational Institutions pass outs today have become stakeholders and partners in progress. Industry on the other hand has also discovered the advantages of collaborative learning opportunities. Corporations seek to play increasingly important role in activities of academic institutions to incubate the talent they need. The shift towards the short-term performance metrics and shareholders interest has led to a number of changes in conduct of business, which has translated its effect on educational institutions.For a long time universities and industry, have been operating in separate domains, are inching towards each other to create synergies. Complex business environment, new paradigms in management and technology, has necessitated these two to come closer. The interface has to be harnessed to its full potential to take the mileage out of globalization by enhancing the employability of students and make them industry ready.Today, the definition of a good management school is largely dependent on its ability to offer industry interface to its students that helps them enhancing their practical knowledge and make them ready for the corporate world. The focus of Rai University is entirely to create industry ready employable candidates. In times of cut-throat competition where everyone strives hard for a successful career, industry interface is of prime importance.Our Institute has always realised the need for effective interface with Industry and Business and has undertaken the task of strengthening the linkages with them through various activities such as : Management Development Programmes plans / Seminars / Workshops , Industry-Institute Interface, Industry Visits, Personality Development Framework and Pre-Placement Counseling, Developing & Executing the Placement Strategy, Placement Presentation at Various Companies, Interaction with Potential Recruiters, Group Discussion followed by Interview Skills Development Sessions, Career Guidance…..etc.